Wipro Gallagher Solutions Launches NetOxygen LOS Version 6.0

NetOxygen LOS v6.0 transforms user experience though a new user interface and enhanced automation features

Deepthi | Myequity news | Date : 13-03-2019 17:45:00 IST

Wipro Gallagher Solutions (WGS), a Wipro Limited company and a leading provider of loan origination software solutions, today announced the release of the latest version of its Loan Origination System (LOS), NetOxygen v6.0.

The new version features an all-new, intuitive user interface (UI), an in-built operations dashboard, an integration with Business Intelligence (Bl) and Reporting Engine, additions to the application program interface (API) library and a number of process automation features. With these key updates, NetOxygen v6.0 offers more control to lenders and enables them to build a tailored and streamlined digital experience.

The NetOxygen v6.0 UI offers its users a more enriching user experience, designed to streamline operations and improve personnel productivity. NetOxygen v6.0 also offers a web-based dashboard, designed to provide updates, at-a-glance about a pipeline and loan'sstatus for all personnel. The dashboard offers users customizable widgets and display features for greater control and more efficient originations.

The latest version supports the goal to introduce newer automation features with every release to minimize manual work and move the lending process forward, faster. These features shorten the overall loan approval process by ensuring that work is triggered automatically and instantly resolved in workflow.

NetOxygen v6.0 introduces its latest business intelligence feature by offering an integration with a BI engine that allows users to create or tailor reports, and an easy-to-use collaboration service that allows lenders and settlement agents to securely share, validate, and collaborate on loan documents.

"Our latest release, NetOxygen v6.0 is designed to elevate the overall user experience by offering lenders more control through an intuitive user interface, all while creating a more intelligent and automated platform" said Alok Bansal, Vice President and Head, Wipro Gallagher Solutions, Wipro Limited. "As lenders continue to focus on efficiency and productivity, we continually evolve our software to solve the issues most important to them, through constant innovation."

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