Grant of Patent for ‘Air Rich Yarn And Fabric’ In USA

Deepthi | Myequity news | Date : 13-02-2019 19:05:00 IST

Trident Limited, the flagship Company of Trident Group, which is one of the largest vertically integrated Home Textile (Yarn, Bath & Bed Linen) manufacturer, has been granted a patent for ‘Air Rich Yarn and Fabric and its method of manufacturing’ by United States Patent & Trademark Office.

The present invention describes the novel “Air Rich Fabric” and “Air Rich Yarns” with pores throughout the cross section of the yarn. The invention is directed at producing Air Rich Fabrics and Yarns which have high breathability, quick absorbency, easy dryability, and increased bulk. Unlike regular terry fabrics which become harsh after multiple washes, Air Rich Fabrics (Terry) retains softness and become more bulky even after multiple washes. That is why we call such fabrics- “Start Soft, Stays Soft”.

The grant of this patent provides further recognition of the quality of the innovation being carried out by the Trident team.

About Trident Limited:

Trident Limited is the flagship Company of Trident Group. Headquartered in Ludhiana, Punjab, Trident Limited is vertically integrated textile (Yarn, Bath & Bed Linen) and Paper (Wheat Straw-based) manufacturer and is one of the largest players in Home Textile Space in India. The Company operates in two major business segments: Textiles and Paper with its manufacturing facilities located in Punjab and Madhya Pradesh.

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