Confidence Group and TIME Technoplast join hands to give new thrust for making LPG available across India in blast proof cylinders

Deepthi | Myequity news | Date : 26-02-2019 17:50:00 IST

Confidence Petroleum India Limited (CPIL), India's leading Private Sector LPG marketer & retailer considering the paramount importance of safety in Indian Kitchens and to redress the difficulties generally faced by an Indian lady in kitchen qua the fear of cylinder explosion and backbone pain while carrying/ moving the cylinder from one place to other, joined hands with Time Technoplast Limited (TTL), a leading technology based innovative polymer product company and manufacturer of new generation world class composite cylinders by entering into a ‘Cooperation Agreement’ with a view to give major thrust to retail LPG under the brand name ‘GoGas Elite’ making safe use of LPG in Indian Kitchens across the nation at the flick of the finger.

Confidence Petroleum India Limited launched the world class blast proof, light weight, translucent composite cylinders under the brand name ‘GoGas Elite’ in India a couple of months ago and during a short span has received overwhelming response from residential as well as commercial consumers. This cooperation is aimed at ‘GoGas Elite’ spreading its wings in more cities & towns across the country – making life of consumers safe & easy. The composite cylinders manufactured by Time Technoplast Ltd. are used world over and Confidence Petroleum India Limited has taken initiative to promote these new generation world class composite cylinders under its brand name ‘GoGas Elite’ to reach Indian kitchens far & wide.

LPG, as is known is one of the cleanest and readily available sources of fuel for Indian kitchens (residential as well as commercial) and has steadily gained ground and is aided by various Government schemes in view of burgeoning concern of pollution. Safety in transportation & usage of LPG, which is packed in cylinders, has often been a concern and has been limiting LPG usage from reaching its full potential. To specifically address the safety concern of LPG being packed in Cylinders, Confidence Petroleum India Limited, the pioneering private sector leader in the Indian LPG market conceptualized and in 2018 brought to market the ‘GoGas Elite’ brand of world class light-weight, blast-proof & translucent composite LPG Cylinders.

Confidence Petroleum India Ltd and Time Technoplast expects substantial purchases of the “Lite Safe” composite cylinders over the next three to five years.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Nitin Khara, Chairman & Managing Director of Confidence Group, said, “We, in partnership with Time Technoplast, are happy to herald next phase of evolution for Indian kitchens – be it residential or commercial, by introducing „GoGas Elite‟ brand of world class light-weight, blast-proof, rust proof & translucent composite LPG Cylinders to make the Indian kitchens more safe, clean & consumer friendly. We are moving to App based time bound delivery of LPG Cylinders on 24 x 7 basis at the flick of finger for the delight of our consumers”.

Vimal Parwal (President Corporate) has confirmed that Confidence Petroleum has 58 LPG bottling plants in 15 states and additional 15 plants are in the pipeline to support marketing and sales of composite cylinder so that every kitchen can benefit from the unique features of the composite cylinders, manufactured in world class plant of Time Techno. As compared to before, LPG gas was not available at a desired time, hence kitchens had to use the traditional, bulky and rusted cylinders. At present, new connections are instant and paperless, refills and connections are at click of a finger and offers desired time delivery system (especially for working couples, including weekends). Further, it also protects the backbone from lifting heavy weights (especially of women and children, as they are largely at home during delivery hours). Finally, they are available in wider ranges including 2kg, 5kg and 10kg.

Mr. Anil Jain, Managing Director & CEO, Time Technoplast Limited stated “Time Technoplast introduced LiteSafe Composite Cylinders– translucent, lighter & absolutely blast proof for the first time in India. We have approval for these Cylinders in 58 countries and are exporting it to over 28 countries worldwide. We are grateful to Confidence Group for launching the LiteSafe Composite Cylinders in Indian market under the brand name ‘GoGas Elite’ and we are happy that it has caught the fancy of Indian consumers. We are committed to work together in this endeavour”.

About Confidence Petroleum Limited:

Confidence Group is India's leading private sector liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) retailer. The company markets LPG under the brand name 'GoGas' and has 178 Auto LPG Dispensing Stations spread over Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Telangana. The company has recently introduced world class light-weight, blast-proof, rust proof & translucent composite LPG cylinders under the brand name 'GoGas Elite' for domestic and commercial LPG users. Confidence Petroleum is India's largest manufacturer of LPG Cylinders with a capacity of manufacturing 5 million units per annum. The company has pan India presence with 15cylinder manufacturing units and 58 bottling plants across 22 Indian states.

About Time Technoplast Limited:

Time Technoplast is a leading technology based innovative polymer product manufacturer. Over the years, TimeTech has emerged as a formidable player in the polymer base, with a product repertoire that caters to diverse segments like Industrial Packaging, Infrastructure, Lifestyle, Healthcare, Composites and Auto Components related products. It focuses on replacing metals with polymers in high performance areas using innovation and latest technology. TimeTech services‟ wide spectrum of user industry in each of its business verticals, reducing sectoral risks, is tapping new opportunities for growth. TimeTech is an aspiring Indian multinational having presence in India, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia & Egypt.

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