VivoHub teams with Tata Communications to launch a one-stop suite of mobile services tailored for Singapore’s migrant workers

Deepthi | Myequity news | Date : 13-12-2018 12:45:00 IST

VivoHub, the Singapore-based mobile services provider, has selected Tata Communications, a leading global digital infrastructure provider, to turn its VivoBee mobile app into a one-stop suite of mobile services designed to meet the needs of Singapore’s one million migrant workers. With the help of the cloud-based Tata Communications MOVE™ platform, VivoHub has now become a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) without having to make capital investments in its own mobile network infrastructure or service management. The company operates as an MVNO of StarHub, a leading mobile network operator in Singapore, and leases its network capacity to offer mobile services in the country.

VivoBee seeks to address the issue of accessibility to data, calling and messaging services for migrant workers, which is a comparatively neglected market in Singapore. Since the initial launch of its IDD calling cards in 2011 followed by the mobile app in 2016, VivoBee has aggregated more than 100,000 users who make an average of 20 million IDD call minutes per month to friends and family back home. Through this collaboration with Tata Communications, VivoHub aims to capture 150,000 VivoBee MVNO subscribers within the first year.

By subscribing to VivoBee MVNO’s mobile membership plan, users will not just be able to make local and overseas calls, access data services and gift data to their family and friends back home – they will also enjoy a monthly bundle of free local data, overseas and local calls, SMS and other social media add-ons together with VivoBee reward vouchers. They’re able to access these services via the VivoBee mobile app, which act as a one-stop-shop for the management of their mobile plan.

“We’re launching this offering because the variety of mobile services and competitive pricing enjoyed by mass market users are often not made available to blue-collar migrant workers, and we saw an opportunity to change the landscape to better cater to their needs,” said Alvin Tan, Chief Executive Officer, VivoHub. “The software- defined capabilities of Tata Communications MOVE™ allow us to bring this innovative offering to market while keeping infrastructure costs down. We’re able to introduce this new suite of mobile services in an agile, cost- effective, and scalable manner – passing the savings on to our users in the form of cheaper alternatives and unlimited rewarding options.”

The Tata Communications MOVE™ platform, the company’s global network and relationships with more than 600 mobile network operators globally, will help VivoHub to offer mobile services to its users at an economical rate.

“Mobile start-ups that are looking to disrupt the market and accelerate their growth need a flexible, scalable and reliable platform to underpin their innovative new services,” said Anthony Bartolo, Chief Product Officer, Tata Communications. “They need to manage the pressure of keeping CAPEX costs low while offering users brilliant services. The ubiquitous nature of Tata Communications MOVE™ eliminates the cost and complexity of building and managing a mobile network, while helping innovative companies like VivoHub deliver customised mobile services with seamless, reliable connectivity.”

Tata Communications MOVE™ offers flexible APIs, which enables VivoHub to manage its operations such as service activation, billing, promotions and value-added services such as entertainment and gifting for family members overseas, at the software layer. The software defined, cloud-based architecture makes it easy for VivoHub to adapt its tariffs, introduce new services and expand its offering to new market segments beyond the migrant community soon.

About Tata Communications

Tata Communications Limited is a leading global provider of A New World of Communications™. With a leadership position in emerging markets, Tata Communications leverages its advanced solutions capabilities and domain expertise across its global network to deliver managed solutions to multi-national enterprises and communications service providers.

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