Talwalkars Lifestyles Limited Penetrates the AI Space with Growfitter Fitkit Program

Deepthi | Myequity news | Date : 13-12-2018 12:15:00 IST

Talwalkars Lifestyles Limited (TLL), health and fitness brand has integrated with Growfitter to introduce the country’s first ever AI (Artificial Intelligence) based Incentivized Wellness Program. The Growfitter FITKIT Program is a technologically advanced mobile application that tracks individual fitness consistency and maps their performance to generate an incentive oriented and reward based fitness solution. The AI powered product will motivate individuals to adopt and sustain a holistic and healthy lifestyle, which coincides with the vision of TLL, of creating a healthy and fit India.

Mr. Prashant Talwalkar, Talwalkars Lifestyles Limited shares, “We have been the health and fitness industry leaders in India for more than 85 years now. Over the years we have upped our innovation and technology quotient offline through state of the art fitness infrastructure and strategic business diversification suiting the needs of the evolving Indian customer. We have closely worked with Growfitter to develop the AI powered FITKIT Program. Talwalkars intelligently shall integrate offline - online model to track workout and incentivize member with Rewards & Cashback all through Growfitter FITKIT App. TLL will act as a launchpad to this first of its kind incentivized health and wellness mobile app solution. With the product being exclusively introduced first in Talwalkars we aim to change the dynamics of the Indian fitness industry.”

He further shared, “We plan to take the product to more than 1 lac Talwalkars members through our massive network of 200+ fitness clubs across India. The product will also be supported by an aggressive 360-degree traditional and new age communications campaign and reach the audience beyond the Talwalkars customer base. Our vision is to empower & motivate Indians and inculcate the culture of health & fitness in India.”

Mr. Sanmati Pande, CEO, Growfitter says, “In India, Health is $100 billion category and technology is new driving force in this space.The fitness penetration in India is a mere 0.15% as compared to the penetration level of 35% and 5 % in the US and China respectively. With the Growfitter FITKIT Program we aim to disrupt the health & fitness market in India. The advance technology solution will motivate individuals to adopt an active and healthy lifestyle. With the AI induced product we are channeling on three focus areas – Price, Motivation and Result. We are exploring the reward motivated human psyche and enabling and encouraging our users to achieve their end fitness goals. With Growfitter FITKIT Program we offer Cashback schemes on membership. Other encouraging incentives apart from Cashback are Free Movie Tickets, Flight Tickets, iPhone XS Max and even a luxury car.” He further mentioned, “We foresee a revenue of Rs.50 CR by March 2019 with this program from various gym chains we will work with. We intend to spend 10% of it on Marketing and further refine the incentive pipeline for the members.”

“We are strong believers in preventive healthcare & disrupting this vitally important sector with our AI technology platform, transforming the everyday behavior of people, and rewarding them to be morehealthier. The program is extremely user friendly, the member has to download the Growfitter FITKIT App, scan the Intelligent QR code installed at the Gym on every visit and achieve their fitness goal. Our AI system tracks the individual’s workout and automates the reward program basis it. It showcases the goal set according to the users preference and maps their progress and consistency in achieving it. It additionally allows them to win 100% cashbacks and rewards while simultaneously achieving their objective of staying fit and healthy. Going forward we would like to build a Fitness Score where members can avail discount on their insurance premium.” Shares Harshit Sethy – CTO Growfitter


Spreading fitness since 1932, Mr. Vishnupant Talwalkar opened the doors of Talwalkars to the city of Mumbai. Over the years, we've pushed boundaries to expand not only our network, but our services too. Talwalkars has even crossed the waters to acquire Power World Gyms in Sri Lanka. With over 252 ultra-modern gyms spanning 84 cities in India and Sri Lanka and a growing customer base that is currently over 2,00,000. Talwalkars is the only fitness company to secure BSE and NSE listing.


Growfitter is a machine learning Health & Fitness startup disrupting Health, Wellness & Insurance domain with its technology solution. The vision is to build health quotient of India. Growfitter.com is India’s largest health & fitness discovery platform with more than 18000+ fitness centre listed on its portal and partner to Fortune 500 companies to create their Corporate Wellness Solution.

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