E-class Education System Ltd launches EdZam, Digital Education App That Makes Learning Fun and Effective

Deepthi | Myequity news | Date : 10-09-2018 15:00:00 IST

E-class Education System Ltd, which is a 51% subsidiary of Sundaram Multi Pap Limited had launched EdZam, an innovative, state-of-the-art digital education app for students that makes learning fun and effective. Students can study their prescribed
syllabus through watch and learn videos, animations and interactive simulations.

EdZam app, aimed at making students fall in love with education and also provide them a means for learning with fun in an effective way. Edzam app takes digital learning to the next level by encapsulating watch and learn videos, rich animations and interactive simulations as opposed to rote memorization which is the way of learning for ages. The app offers a unique experience for students to excel in study, using advanced features like MCQs, mind-map section, and option to conduct science experiments online.

Edzam has a massive content storage of 650 hours. Edzam’s UI (user interface) is simple but powerful and ensures seamless navigation for even a first-time user. The entire content is as per the syllabus of the respective state board and aims to provide in-
depth explanation of the chapters through multimedia visual presentations.

Hardik Shah, Whole-time Director, E-class Education System Limited said, “Edzam is a futuristic self-learning solution for the generation X students who crave for excellence in their studies. Edzam users can view content corresponding to their school syllabus. Through Edzam students have an option to study every subject using new digital formats. A student can understand the entire chapter in a video format and then use Q&A method to resolve all queries. The student can follow this up by mind-map section and MCQs to comprehend their own level of preparation on each subject. Our video library is constantly updating and we will be adding more and more courses soon. We build game changing technology to solve mind-bending problems.”

On the industry standpoint, Hardik quotes, “There are an estimated 227 million students in India, and education is traditionally a priority for Indians, so it is no wonder that the Indian EdTech market is worth over a billion dollars. Indian E-learning technology market grew at a CAGR of around14.4%. We envision a world where anyone, anywhere can transform their life by accessing the world’s best learning experience.”

About  Sundaram Multi Pap Ltd:

Sundaram Multi Pap Ltd, is the market leader in the field of paper stationery products since the last 32 years. Its subsidiary, E-class is an emerging Education technology powerhouse. The company aims to make customized education accessible to one and all. It offers smart products solutions. State-of-the-art technology-driven products are available using the power of the internet.

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