Combiflam® Range of Pain Relief Solutions introduces Pain Education Campaign in Bihar

Deepthi | Myequity news | Date : 10-10-2018 17:50:00 IST

Sanofi India, makers of the Combiflam® range - India’s largest selling pain relief brand, launched of Pain Clinics in Bihar, under its pain education campaign. Pain Clinics comprises of a series of doctor and pain expert videos on a dedicated YouTube channel to generate awareness and educate people so that they can understand and treat pain in an informed and responsible manner.

The subsequent phases of the campaign will include multi-channel awareness drives and data-driven insights rolled out across the country to help people understand and manage pain effectively.

Commenting on the initiative, Mr. Nikhilesh Kalra, General Manager – Consumer Healthcare, India & South Asia, Sanofi, said, “For over three decades, Combiflam® has been a trusted pain solution for millions of Indians and healthcare professionals across the country. Our Combiflam® tablet is India’s most prescribed pain relief brand4 and relieves over 1.8 billion pain incidences in a year.5 Many people seek pain related information on digital and social media but not all the information is credible. For this reason, we launched our pain education campaign and are proud to now introduce Pain Clinics in Bihar.”

He further added, “Our research has shown that Bihar has the highest number of headache incidences in the country. On an average, over 3 lakh pain incidences in the state are resolved by the Combiflam® Range of Pain Relief Solutions, every day3. This is why we believe a social initiative such as this one will be of great value here.”

Also present at the conference, Dr. Amulya Kr. Singh, Consulting Orthopedic Surgeon and Medical Director of Akshat Seva Sadan Yarpur, Patna said, “It is becoming increasingly common for people to trust the internet and social media for information and solutions, for their pain. We as doctors strongly advocate that patients should understand that these sources of information can often be misleading, and they should speak to us or ensure they consume information that is not only validated, but also medically correct. Combiflam® tablet has also been a victim of some misleading social media messages in the past that have questioned its safety and efficacy. I have been using Combiflam® tablet for my patients for several years now, and I have never seen any alarming side-effects from it.”

Commenting on Combiflam® as an authority on pain Dr. Singh added, “All the content on the Pain Clinics channel has been created in consultation with pain management experts, making it trustworthy and credible. Having an easily accessible repository like this on a universal platform such as YouTube makes this of great use to the public. I commend Sanofi for launching Pain Clinics and believe that Bihar and all of India will benefit from such an initiative.”

The campaign was first rolled out in Uttar Pradesh and the Pain Clinics channel has received over 1,53,000 views till date. As a health journey partner, Sanofi empowers consumers to live healthier and fuller lives by increasing awareness and providing a full range of holistic pain relief solutions.

About Sanofi :

Sanofi, a global healthcare leader, discovers, develops and distributes therapeutic solutions focused on patients' needs. Sanofi is organized into five global business units: Diabetes and Cardiovascular, General Medicines and Emerging Markets, Sanofi Genzyme, Sanofi Pasteur and Consumer Healthcare.

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