Ramco Aviation signs Fighter Jet Maintenance Software deal with a leading Defense Contractor

Shalini | Myequity news | Date : 25-07-2018 15:00:00 IST

Ramco Systems, Global Aviation software provider has secured an order for Ramco Aviation Suite v5.8 from one of the leading Defense Contractor. The client also operates andmaintains advanced tactical aircraft used to train pilots of defense establishments. Ramco’s comprehensivefunctionality for fleet management and deep understanding of industry have helped secure this order.

Ramco’s one stop solution will enable the client to manage its fleet of advanced fighter jet aircraft by deployinga unified enterprise application for Maintenance, Engineering, Supply Chain, Safety, Compliance, and Qualitywhile delivering simplified user experience via Mobility, Hubs and Advanced visualization dashboard.

Ramco’s Aviation Suite will enable high productivity and automation of fleet sustainment by moving away frommanual recording of data and enabling access to real-time information. The application will ensure high aircraftreadiness and availability for tactical training mission, with its next generation capabilities like straight throughprocessing, mobility, hub based architecture and secured technology. The system also enables electronicsignature capability to achieve paperless operations with dual authentication.

Virender Aggarwal, CEO, Ramco Systems, said, “Having made a mark in the fixed,rotor and MRO segment, this win marks Ramco’s entry into operations and maintenance of fighter jet aircraftused by Defense contractor. Ramco’s comprehensive solution portfolio and deep knowledge in aviation &defense helped us win this strategic client mandate over competition. We look forward to delivering significantprocess improvements while complying to regulations and defense standards by leveraging advancedtechnologies. This win reaffirms the leadership Ramco Aviation has garnered, paving way for more success inthe future.”

Ramco Aviation Software is trusted by 22,000+ users to manage 4,000+ aircraft globally. Accessible on cloudand mobile, Ramco Aviation Software continues to innovate with ‘Anywhere Apps’, significantly reducingtransaction time both during aircraft-on-ground (AOG) conditions and critical aircraft turnarounds. Ramco ischanging the paradigm of enterprise software with ZERO UI, powered by cool new features such as voicebasedtransactions on Google Assistant or Alexa, chatbots, mail bots, HUBs and cognitive solutions. With 75+Aviation leaders onboard, Ramco is the solution of choice for several large airlines and top heli-operators andmultiple MROs around the world.

About Ramco Systems:

Ramco is a next-gen enterprise software player disrupting the market with its multi-tenant cloud and mobile-basedenterprise software in HCM and Global Payroll, ERP and M&E MRO for Aviation. Part of the USD 1 billion Ramco Group,Ramco Systems focuses on Innovation and Culture to differentiate itself in the marketplace. On Innovation front, Ramcohas been focusing on moving towards Cognitive and Robotic ERP with features such as Talk It - which allows transactionsto be carried out by simple voice commands, Bot it – which allows users to complete transaction using naturalconversations; Mail It – transact with the application by just sending an email; HUB It - a one screen does it all conceptbuilt to address all activities of a user; Thumb It – mobility where the system presents users with option to choose ratherthan type values and Prompt It – a cognitive ability which will let the system complete the transaction and prompts theuser for approval.

Ramco Systems Ltd closed 0.69% up at Rs 362.50

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