Three Phase Electricals rolls out Common Sense Smart Community partnering with Persistent Systems

Deepthi | Myequity news | Date : 16-08-2018 22:00:00 IST

Working with Persistent Systems, Three Phase Electricals developed Common Sense Smart Community, employing Software 4.0 improving levels of utility management across residential communities. Common Sense incorporates the Internet of Things to monitor lighting, irrigation, swimming pool water quality and temperature in real time to improve efficiencies.

Kimberly Weiss, President and CEO of Three Phase electrical stated: “We all have a profound responsibility to conserve natural resources and preserve our environment, but when you look at the scale and breadth of community associations around the country, I think we have to realize that the environmental responsibility of community associations is greater than that of a single business or residence. Community associations should assume environmental responsibility similar to that taken by cities. This system goes a long way in that direction. Lighting maintenance vendors no longer need to roll a truck to each site to verify the lights are working. Pool maintenance crews don’t have to drive to each pool everyday to verify that the pool water is safe to swim in. If an irrigation line breaks, the system shuts it down automatically until it’s repaired.”

“Besides the technology side of developing Common Sense, Persistent is an incredible business partner who knew exactly how to rollout this game changing project. Not least of all was ensuring a strong, collaborative process bringing together all the stakeholders to the project – the management company, board of directors, community managers, service providers and residents. We wanted this platform to be a win for everyone and Persistent helped us achieve exactly that.”

Quote from Sanjeev Srivastav, Persistent Systems SVP and GM IoT Industrial Solutions: “This is a powerful, real world example of how the Internet of Things offers the opportunity for the most brick and mortar – literally– operations to become software-driven. Three Phase Electric’s Common Sense initiative has a profound effect on how HOAs can operate with tremendous upside not just for themselves, but all the constituents of these housing developments. It offers fast, accurate, and transparent reporting, taking the inefficiencies and delays out of the whole maintenance process.”

About Persistent Systems:

Persistent Systems, Headquartered in Pune, India is a technology services company which was incorporated on 16 May 1990 as Persistent Systems Private Limited. It was subsequently converted into a public Limited company on 17 September 2010 with the name Persistent Systems Limited.

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