Partners Healthcare Launches New Center Of Excellence

In Collaboration with Persistent Systems, Partners HealthCare Pivot Labs Will Reimagine the Patient Experience

Deepthi | Myequity news | Date : 17-10-2018 20:20:00 IST

Today at the 10th annual Connected Health Conference, Partners HealthCare announced the formation of a new center of excellence – Partners HealthCare Pivot Labs – that aims to disrupt the delivery of healthcare to enhance the patient experience, improve clinical outcomes and control costs. Together, Partners HealthCare and Persistent Systems are challenging conventional thinking to shift the focus to making healthcare fit the patient. With digital tools and a unique understanding of the healthcare consumer, Partners Pivot Labs will make care delivery more convenient, accessible and consumer-centric by thinking about the patient holistically.

Gregg Meyer, MD, Chief Clinical Officer at Partners HealthCare said, “There is no question that we need to disrupt care delivery to remain competitive in this new era of technological advances. By focusing on the patient experience and making care convenient, safe and accessible, we will address an extremely important aspect of patient care in the United States.”

“One area that is really transforming healthcare is patient-centricity,” said Rahul Patel, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Healthcare and Life Sciences at Persistent Systems. “Everyone needs to be able to understand patients: their behavior, their care and their lifestyle. Our hope is that this foundation of patient centricity, along with our ability to develop and deploy world class software at scale, will be key in enabling radical transformation in how patients receive their care.”

“Disruptive ideas in healthcare often lack access to expertise and testbeds for validation. This leads to ideas either staying underdeveloped or under-validated, and we want to change that. I strongly believe that the foundation we are building for clinical research, design and data science for the patient experience can rapidly accelerate the adoption of patient-centric innovations in healthcare”, said Kamal Jethwani, MD, MPH, Senior Director, Partners Pivot Labs.

About Persistent Systems:

Persistent Systems builds software that drives the business of its customers; serving software product companies and enterprises with software at the core of their digital transformation.

About Partners HealthCare Pivot Labs:

Partners HealthCare Pivot Labs is creating a patient-centric, data- and research-driven healthcare ecosystem to improve patient outcomes and reduce the cost of care. Partners Pivot Labs develops, tests, builds and deploys digital health solutions that transform health care.

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