Mindtree Opens New Minneapolis Office to Support Magnet360

Deepthi | Myequity news | Date : 24-01-2019 12:50:00 IST

Mindtree inaugurated a larger office space to accommodate the strong growth seen by Magnet360, the Mindtree Salesforce practice. The new office is designed to help businesses accelerate their adoption of software as a service (SaaS), the trend that is redefining the way enterprises use technology. The new 30,000-square-foot space is architected to promote a flexible, dynamic work environment. Among the design goals was to create a silo-free space where employees can balance high-collaboration and intense focus.

Magnet360’s consulting-led approach offers a unique blend of customer engagement, deep Salesforce knowledge and agile expertise to evaluate business challenges and user journeys. This mirrors Mindtree’s holistic approach to accelerating cloud transformation. It enables organizations to amplify their Salesforce opportunities and drive new cloud-borne business models. The facility offers an interactive space for multi-disciplinary teams and clients to use design thinking techniques to experiment and execute ideas utilizing the Salesforce Platform.

“Organizations are constantly adapting as they look for ways to better connect with customers and anchor their business in the cloud,”
said Matt Meents, Senior Vice President and head of Magnet360, Mindtree’s Salesforce practice. “Magnet360 is motivated to continuously improve our Salesforce practice, stretching ourselves to re-imagine business models. This amazing new space is not only very functional, it was designed with extreme care to be a great place to work.”

“Everything about this office exemplifies the core tenets that differentiate Mindtree,”
said Paul Gottsegen, Chief Marketing Officer & Head, Mindtree Americas. “An environment purpose built for continuous innovation and continuous improvement. A laboratory for taking cloud-enabled ideas and turning them into real-world solutions that scale. A culture where everyone feels engaged. It’s all here. We can’t wait to see the transformative projects that come out of this facility for our Salesforce clients.”

About Mindtree

Mindtree is a global IT consulting and services company which helps clients across 17 countries achieve business agility, competitive edge, and growth. It harness the power of Continuous Delivery, its digital expertise, industry knowledge, and research in emerging technologies to drive efficiencies and enable business innovation for over 340 clients.

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