Maruti Suzuki sets up Water ATM in Sarhaul village

Deepthi | Myequity news | Date : 29-10-2018 14:55:00 IST

Maruti Suzuki has designed a self-sustaining partnership model that provides clean drinking water to the community members at an affordable price. As part of this, Maruti Suzuki today, inaugurated its 12th Water ATM facility, in Haryana. The Company has already established 26 Water ATMs across the country benefiting over 10,500 households.

Shri Yashpal Yadav, Commissioner, Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) and Mr A K Tomer, Executive Director, Corporate Planning, Maruti Suzuki, inaugurated the facility. Members of the Sarhaul community led by Sh. Vimal Yadav (former Mayor, Gurugram) and Smt. Rimple Yadav (Councillor) joined for the inauguration ceremony.

Supported by Maruti Suzuki and set up by Waterlife India, the Water ATM facility is built on self-sustaining model. Maruti Suzuki has borne the initial cost of the project. The MCG is the project owner and has provided the land. The MCG will provide water and electricity to run the Water ATM. Waterlife India will appoint a member from the local community to manage operations and maintain the plant for ten years. Community members can avail the facility at a nominal rate of 35 paisa per litre only. As a unique feature of the advanced water filtration process, the waste water generated from this plant is around one-fourth of the other conventional water purification plants. Rejected water from the filtration process will be used to maintain the green area adjacent to the facility.

Inaugurating the Water ATM in Haryana, Mr. A K Tomer, Executive Director, Corporate Planning, Maruti Suzuki India said, “Sarhaul is a hub for people living and working in the nearby industrial area. Like many other locations in Gurugram, access to potable water is a common problem here. We are happy to set up this new facility. We are thankful to MCG team for entrusting us with this project and extending their full support to make it a success.”

“Our teams through various dialogue sessions with the community leaders have identified key intervention areas that need immediate attention with long term sustainable solution. One of it was access to potable drinking water. So far we have set up 12 such facilities to in Haryana. We plan to set up eight more in the next one year, six of these will be in Haryana” he added.

About Maruti Suzuki India Limited:

Maruti Suzuki India Limited, formerly known as Maruti Udyog Limited, is an automobile manufacturer in India. It is a 56.21% owned subsidiary of the Japanese car and motorcycle manufacturer Suzuki Motor Corporation.

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