Maruti Suzuki inaugurates 11th Water ATM in Haryana to tackle bad water quality faced by community

Sanjay Krishna | Myequity news | Date : 07-08-2018 17:10:00 IST

Clean drinking water is a critical need which is identified by Maruti Suzuki India Limited in its adopted villages in Haryana, with the help of new techonology Company has designed a selfsustainingpartnership model that provides clean drinking water to villagers at an affordable price.

The Company today inaugurated its’ 2nd water ATM in the Kasan village of Manesar. The waterATM was presented to the community members by Lt. Gen. Dushyant Singh Chauhan, SeniorAdvisor (Vigilance), Maruti Suzuki in the presence of village panchayat and community elders.

The Company is bearing the initial cost of the water ATM, the village panchayat provides the necessary requirements such as land ,electricity and so on to operate the facility while WaterLife India sets up, operates and maintains the plantfor at least 10 years. The partnership between company and the village ensures that villagers will get access to clean drinking water,meeting WHO and ISO 10500 standards, at 35 paisa/litre.

Maruti Suzuki have established 11 water ATMs so for in Haryana under this model since 2016.All 11 palnts are located in the villages adopted by Maruti Suzuki in Haryana state.These WaterATMs have seen over 8,700 registrations till now and have dispensed around 5.5 lakh litres of clean drinking water, so far.

Mr. A K Tomer, Executive Director, Corporate Planning, Maruti Suzuki India Limited said,

“Access to clean drinking water is a critical need in our adopted villages, many of which have ahigh migrant population.They need a long term solution that provides clean drinking water, is self-sustaining andaffordable. We have designed a solution around Water ATMs where the village panchayatsoffer land and power for the plant and WaterLife India sets up the plant and maintains it for atleast 10 years. The 10-stage UV filtration technology ensures that water meets WHO standardswhile retaining essential minerals. Water wastage is minimal – only 25% compared toconventional technologies. The response from the community is very positive and nearly 8,500households are benefitting. We are very happy to offer second in Kasan village – the 11th waterATM in our adopted villages in Haryana".

Inaugurating the facility, Lt. Gen. Dushyant Singh Chauhan, Senior Advisor (Vigilance), MarutiSuzuki said,

“Partnership with the communities around our facilities is high on priority of MarutiSuzuki management. We are thankful to our community elders and well-wishers for theircontinued support for maintaining harmonious environment in the region for mutual benefits.”

A suervy conducted by ‘Waterlife’ states that the technology partner of Maruti Suzuki for Water ATM projects, various discrepancies were found in the water quality of the villages.pH as well as the TDS level of water was higher than the permissible limits. The only available clean water was sold at a very high selling price by families with access to RO purifiers.

About Maruti Suzuki’s village development plan :

Community Development is one of the three important pillars of Maruti Suzuki India Limited’sCorporate Social Responsibility initiatives– the other two being in the areas of road safety andskill development.

With the objective to bring about an overall improvement in the quality of life of peopleresiding around its manufacturing facilities, Maruti Suzuki has adopted 26 villages around itsfacilities in Gujarat and Haryana. Ensuring direct supervision and control, Maruti Suzuki’sinterventions under community development, are results-oriented and concentrated in theareas of providing clean water, better sanitation facilities, improved educational infrastructureand development of common community assets.

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