Lakshmi Machine Works Limited (LMW) launches 12 CNC Machine Tools at IMTEX 2019

Deepthi | Myequity news | Date : 24-01-2019 18:30:00 IST

LMW launched 12 CNC Machine Tool machineries at the ‘IMTEX 2019’ being held at BIEC, Bengaluru from the 24th to 30th Jan 2019. LMW will be exhibiting not merely products but also integrated solutions for the metal cutting industry. LMW's integrated solutions are intended to address Industry needs like productivity, precision, reliability with value added solutions like tooling up, automation, process integration, CAD/CAM, in line measurement and IOT as a single stop solution provider and are backed by a professional service set-up.


LMW is launching JU 60, a sturdy high precision simultaneous 5 axes machine, with a high-speed integral spindle. This machine is designed for absolute thermal stability by managing heat at the source. The Machine's rigid structure and dynamically stable design also contributes to the thermal stability required for precision machining and high .surface finish for machining of complex components in a single setup, ensuring stringent quality and quick production. This machine is ideal for Aerospace, Defence, Die-Mould and Medical industry. •

JV130 & JV200 Vertical machining centers are introduced with superior build quality, rigid structure, high load carrying capacity and an .unmatched performance. This machine will address the needs of the heavy engineering Industry, pumps, valves and automobile sectors. These machines are built with a combination of box guideway and linear roller guideway to provide high rigidity and good surface finish. Integration of 4th and 5th axis on the machine will support multiple operations in single setup. The machines can also cater to the Die-Mould & Aerospace Industry.  

JV65 and JV105 moving column vertical machining centers are introduced with Rotary type Automatic Pallet Changer which greatly reduces Setup time for mass production of components.

JHM40, JH5O and JH63 are horizontal machining centers built on rigid casting structures With 1 Deg indexing table (0.001 deg rotary table as Option) used for high production requirements of Automotive, General engineering, Pump and Valve industry.

An advanced version of the popular Smarturn Series, SmartXprs CNC lathe is launched with integral spindle, servo turret and inbuilt gantry for mass production requirements like the Auto industry. This is poised to be a game changer in the Industry to meet the ever-increasing demand for faster production, lower setup time and reduced human intervention.

LL30TL7 & LR30TL12 are versatile, high productive CNC lathes for producing shafts and cylinders. The larger diameter spindle bearing and heavy-duty tool post eases to produce parts with higher depth of cut and feeds. LR30 series comes with integral bed structure with hardened and ground box ways for heavy interrupted cutting requirements and hard part turning applications. These machines are suitable for Automotive, Defence, Agri, forging, Earth mover, Oil & gas industry.

LTV 50 M, Vertical Turning Center with live tool is a long-standing demand from the user Industry to carry out increased operations on a single VTL machine. The LTV50 can be used for making complex components which have both turning and milling operations to be made in one setup. The machine is robust to handle heavy depth of cuts and comes with dual speed spindle motor for high productivity. This machine will address the needs of the Industries like Aero space, Valve, Agri & Earth movers, Automobile etc. This will also address the machining needs of Foundry & Forging Industry where many of the milling, drilling and tapping operations are performed in a single machine at a lower cost.

About Lakshmi Machine Works Limited:

Lakshmi Machine Works Limited (LMW) was founded in the year 1962 to indigenously manufacture Textile Spinning Machinery. In the year 1988, LMW as a part of its diversification efforts, established the Machine Tool Division (MTD) to manufacture CNC Machine Tools. The Company has a Foundry Division that manufactures high precision Ductile Iron and Grey Iron castings using the state of the art No Bake Process. To cater to the growing requirements of the Global Aerospace industry, LMW also operates a separate division called the Advanced Technology Centre.

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