Jain Irrigation, Inc. Acquires Smart Irrigation Pioneer ETwater

Deepthi | Myequity news | Date : 12-09-2018 17:15:00 IST

Jain Irrigation Inc., (“Jain”), announced today it is acquiring ETwater, innovator of intelligent irrigation technology and in the vanguard for creation of the smart irrigation controller. ETwater is dedicated to helping solve the real world problems of water scarcity that made them a perfect acquisition for Jain.

ETwater patented technology integrates data science, machine learning and predictive analytics about weather forecast and environmental variables to automatically, optimally adjust site-specific irrigation schedules. Connecting over the internet ETwater smart controllers get their schedules through secure, cellular data networks, and users are able to remotely monitor and manage controllers from any mobile or smart device.

”We’re very proud of the positive impact on outdoor water conservation we’ve had in the U.S. market,” said Pat Mclntyre, CEO ETwater, "and raising awareness to the necessity of irrigating in harmony with nature. Our customers, from fortune 100 national retailers to conscientious single-family homeowners, entrust us with driving the automation of their water efficiency. We’ve kept their landscapes healthy and beautiful, while eliminating the waste, damages and costs that result from overwatering. The Jain acquisition will expand ETwater efficiencies throughout the U.S. and now worldwide to become a gold standard in sustainable water management globally.”

Jain is an early leader in the IoT for agriculture. ETwater will improve our position in agriculture and helps us make a bigger impact in reducing water waste in landscape irrigation," said Aric Olson, President of Jain Irrigation, Inc. ”Jain is the technology leader for irrigation monitoring and control and we are thrilled to have ETwater join our family. After several successful irrigation technology acquisitions, the addition of ETwater, the pioneer of Smart Irrigation control, adds key technologies that can be deployed globally to our growing technology customer base. I’m also excited to have Richard Restuccia leading this team now. He is an industry thought leader for smart controllers and technology for water management. Before joining Jain irrigation, inc. in 2014 Richard was the first ever Director of Water Management at ValleyCrest Companies (now Brightview) the largest landscape contractor in the United States. He created real change in landscape irrigation and we expect it will accelerate even faster now.”

About Jain Irrigation Inc.:

Jain is a fully integrated global food/plant production company recognized by Harvard Business to be one of five global sustainability champions. Its irrigation manufacturing capabilities include everything from behind the pump to the flush valve at the end of the lateral and everything in between including drip irrigation. It leads the industry in manufacturing technology, owning both our extrusion and mold manufacturing equipment providers. Jain leads plant science research globally across a variety of food crops and is staffed with some of the world's leading research scientists. With the Gandhi Library, Jain now houses the leading collection of the world’s best plant science knowledge in a single facility. Its agronomic knowledge is integrated from our world-class tissue culture operations through our food processing businesses.

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