IWP launches retail packet of spices in Assam, Eastern & Central U.P

Mohan | Source: Myequity news | Date: 15-07-2018 10:45:00 IST

The Indian Wood Product Co. Limited (IWP) has inform BSE about launch of its spices in retail packets in the State of Assam and Eastern & Central U.P. region. The retail packet of Spices including Haldi, Dhania, Mirchi, Garam Masala, Sabzi Masala and similar spices has been launched yesterday in Phase I, under the brand name of "IwP". IwP is a popular brand name in Katha market and the stockist and dealers are of spices are already familiar with the IWP trade mark.

IWP is focused on the mass consumption segment customers with lower disposable income and customers who are moving from buying higher quantity of raw spices to packed spices on daily basis.

About IWP

The Indian Wood Product Co' Limited (BSE: IWP) is one of the leading Katha manufacturing company in the organized sector in India. IWP has over 90 years of experience in this business and are proceeding further towards realizing objective of achieving ultimate customer satisfaction.

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