Infosys Foundation to Restore Historic Lake in Karnataka

Deepthi | Myequity news | Date : 01-02-2019 11:59:00 IST

Infosys Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Infosys, today announced its plans towards conservation and restoration of the Panchakalyani, the largest ancient lake in Melukote, in the Mandya district of Karnataka. The Foundation will restore the lake by cleaning the tank, removing silt and waste deposit, ensuring structural and chemical conservation of the Panchakalyani and a nearby tank called the Ganeshan Honda, reconnecting the existing canals, and building a compound wall.

The Infosys Foundation has championed the preservation of ancient cultural heritage of India for several years. The Panchakalyani lake is among the most visited monuments in Melukote, which has several ancient water bodies situated on a hill top through which rain water has been harnessed for many centuries. This harnessed water has historically been used for consumption and irrigation.

Shri. S.R. Mahesh, Hon. Minister for Tourism, Government of Karnataka and Shri. C.S. Puttaraju, Hon. Minister for Minor Irrigation, Government of Karnataka, attended the inauguration of this restoration project, along with Mrs. Sudha Murty, Chairperson, Infosys Foundation.

Speaking on the occasion, Mrs. Sudha Murty, Chairperson, Infosys Foundation, said, “Melukote was patronized by the great empires of Hoysala and Vijayanagara, and the Wodeyars of the kingdom of Mysore. Our ancestors have created several heritage structures which stand testimony to our glorious past and it is our duty to preserve those structures. The restoration project is important to improve the water quality of the lake and bring back balance in the natural ecosystem of Melukote. This endeavor will not only create awareness to preserve but also protect our rich legacy for future generations.”

Shri. S.R. Mahesh, Hon. Minister for Tourism, Government of Karnataka, said, “Temple lakes have been a major source of water in this area. As a monument, this temple complex also attracts many tourists from around the state. We are proud that Infosys Foundation has come forward to help restore this lake and revive a part of ancient history.”

About Infosys Foundation

Established in 1996, the Infosys Foundation supports programs in the areas of education, rural development, healthcare, arts and culture, and destitute care. Its mission is to work in remote regions of several states in India. The Infosys Foundation takes pride in working with all sections of society, selecting projects with infinite care, and working in areas that are traditionally overlooked by society at large.

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