HGS Colibrium Releases the Forward™ Apps to revolutionize Member, Broker & Provider Management

Deepthi | Myequity news | Date : 04-09-2018 10:30:00 IST

HGS Colibrium Inc, a proven leader in integrated software solutions designed for the health insurance industry, officially launched the Forward™ Apps, a collection of integrations for two prevalent Cloud CRM platforms: Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales.

The three Forward™ Apps are designed to extend the CRM platforms’ functionality to support the health insurance industry. The apps revolutionize the management of profile data on members, brokers and providers and provide a platform for managing the health plan’s relationships with these three important stakeholders. Each Forward™ App provides structured profiles that can be used for analysis and making the results of those analytics immediately actionable through the CRM platform’s inherent communication tools or connected systems such as call center phone and chat systems.

The Member Forward™ App provides data models used for profiling a payer’s members and their policies across market segments. This creates an enhanced journey with the member, from shopping and enrollment to utilization and service management, all the way to renewal. Payers can use the Member Forward™ App to build a comprehensive history of:

•Consumer shopping behavior

•Enrollment information and status

•Billing and payments

•Benefit utilization and claims

•Member-provider relationships and visits

•Subsidy eligibility and utilization

•Wellness program enrollment and success

•Health risk assessment responses

•Member satisfaction survey scores and their likelihood to renew

Additionally, the Broker Forward™ App allows a carrier to model and manage their relationships with their brokers and agencies across the full broker hierarchy and market segments, providing an enhanced experience with brokers. Payers can use the Broker Forward™ App to build a comprehensive history of:

•Broker quoting behavior and conversion rates

•Commissions statements and payments

•Training program enrollment and completion.

•Incentive and remediation program enrollment and completion

•Broker satisfaction survey scores

Finally, that same comprehensive journey is extended to providers via the Provider Forward™ App. From network inception, provider certification, and provider support, to claims processing and payment, the Provider Forward™ App allows a carrier to model and manage their relationships with their providers across their networks and segments. With the shifting of payer-provider relationships towards more risk- sharing arrangements, those relationships have begun to take on increasing levels of importance – well beyond the capabilities of yesterday’s network management tools. Payers can use the Provider Forward™ App to build a comprehensive history of:

•Contract initiation and renewal

•Claims and payments- including claims adjudication processes

•Quality assurance assessments

•Training program enrollment and completion

•Incentive and remediation program enrollment and completion

•Provider satisfaction survey scores

Together, these apps create an extensible toolset that can propel payers to the next level of analytics- driven workflow automation and relationship management. The Forward™ Apps will become the foundation for a true service and sales-oriented analytics platform where relationships can be managed across the entire lifecycle. In a time when member, broker and provider relationships are evolving and changing almost as rapidly as technology itself, the Forward™ Apps from HGS Colibrium bring healthcare- specific integrations to the Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales platforms.

“These apps can be implemented modularly, yet work together seamlessly when deployed together,” said Madan Moudgal, CEO, Colibrium. “That way, stakeholders in different departments get precisely the tools they need to optimize their processes and workflows without getting mired in enterprise architecture or IT bureaucracy.”

About HGS Colibrium Inc:

Founded in 2005, Colibrium, delivers integrated software solutions designed specifically for the health insurance industry. Colibrium’s award-winning Tuo® software empowers health plans with a best-in-class private exchange solution to enroll, engage, and retain members in individual, group and Medicare markets. Colibrium’s three Forward™ Apps built specifically for the leading cloud CRM platforms, enable health plans to gain a full-lifecycle view of their members, brokers, and providers and optimize their relationships and maximize their satisfaction. Colibrium has earned industry recognition including Microsoft Dynamics Partner of the Year for Health Plans and a recent listing in “Hype Cycle for Healthcare Payers″ report from industry analyst Gartner.

About Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS):

A global leader in business process management (BPM) and optimizing the customer experience lifecycle, HGS is helping make its clients more competitive every day. HGS combines technology- powered services in automation, analytics, and digital with domain expertise focusing on back office processing, contact centers, and HRO solutions to deliver transformational impact to clients. Part of the multi-billion dollar conglomerate Hinduja Group, HGS takes a true "globally local" approach, with over 44,854 employees across 75 delivery centers in seven countries making a difference to some of the world's leading brands across nine key verticals. For the year ended 31st March 2018, HGS had revenues of US$ 597 million.

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