Cerebra signs SAMSUNG as its PRO client to collect and recycle e-Waste

Deepthi | Myequity news | Date : 07-02-2019 18:50:00 IST

Cerebra Integrated Technologies Limited has signed up with SAMSUNG Electronics as its client for Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) business for which it had obtained authorization from Central Pollution Control Board dated on January 28th, 2019. Cerebra, now being an authorized PRO can undertake the commitments of the electrical and electronics producers to mandatorily recycle e-waste under the e-Waste Management Rules of 2016.

Under the mentioned law, the producers are regulated to implement Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) wherein certain amount (30% for FY 201 8-19) of the products produced by them which have turned into e-waste after end of life.

Cerebra has been entrusted by Samsung to create awareness amongst consumers for bringing back old end of life products for recycling, collect end of life Samsung products back from the retail consumer and others. All the collected e-waste will be recycled at Cerebra’s own recycling plant at Narasapura, Kolar District near Bangalore.

Cerebra Integrated Technologies Limited has geared up with collection teams across India, opened offices in Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Ghaziabad (New Delhi), Pune and Bangalore for collections. Cerebra also appointed channel partners in South India who shall procure on behalf of Cerebra for the client, these channel partners are dealers, retailers, individual business houses etc.

Cerebra has the plan in place to complete the requisite collection and recycling process for the client within the next two months. Cerebra is gearing up to become a major player in this nascent industry and has drawn huge plans for next coming fiscal years.

Cerebra Integrated Technologies Limited is a public listed Company and has launched one of India’s largest e-Waste Recycling units in February 2017 to address one of most neglected and unorganised sectors in India. Electronic waste management, or e-waste management, has emerged as one of the most toxic waste streams in the world, and India is the fifth largest producer of such waste in the world.

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