Arvind Limited Profit After Tax INR 59 crores for Q3 FY19

Deepthi | Myequity news | Date : 07-02-2019 13:20:00 IST

Arvind Limited has declared its financial results for the third quarter of FY 2019.


Overall revenue was lower by 1% percent year-on-year

PAT before exceptional items was lower by 23% percent

Performance Highlights

Revenue: Denim volumes were lower by 5 million meters largely on account of weak offtake by a few international customers leading to overall reduction in revenue by 7%. This was offset by 32% increase in revenue of Advanced Materials Business.

EBIDTA: Textile EBIDTA margin reduced to 10.5% from 14% due to lower sales.


In view of NCLT having approved the scheme of demerger for our Branded Apparels and Engineering Businesses, the reported financial statements reflect figures for continuing businesses only.

PBT & PAT of discontinued businesses for current quarter contain only branded apparel segment for about two months ending 29th Nov 2018. PBT & PAT for discontinued businesses for Q3 last year contain figures for both engineering business and branded apparel business. Hence, these figures are not comparable.

About Arvind Limited:

Arvind Limited is the largest textile company in India with revenues of USD 1.0 billion. The company is end-to-end supply chain partner to the world’s leading fashion brands.

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